Image from Hotel Vagabond

Hotel Vagabond

Rated as the number 1 hotel in Singapore for 2017, Hotel Vagabond continues to be at the forefront when it comes to luxury boutique hotel. The eccentricity of the hotel is further cultivated by its location in a 1950s heritage Art Deco building. Globally renowned French designer, Jacques Garcia, puts a personal touch to the interior with French-Oriental influences on every corner of the space.

Guests will drink in the homey surroundings with red Indian paintings and ornate floral furnishings by the wall complimented with pristine white Egyptian bed sheets. To add to the sophistication, each room is furnished with a velvet seating furniture piece that accentuates the red colour theme that runs in the hotel. The Vagabond Salon is another jaw-dropping entity with a large golden tree structure adorning the space. This hotel remains distinctly unique and lively with its art-pieces.

39 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore

Image from Hotel Mono


Hotel Mono

Short for monochrome, Hotel Mono stands out in Chinatown Heritage Centre with a black and white exterior arising in a row of historical Chinese shophouses. To preserve the heritage flair, Hotel Mono maintain the architecture of the building but designed a minimalist contemporary interior for an urbanscape concept.

The monochrome style is impeccably presented in each room design from studio room to single guestrooms. This concept is paired with bold lines, existing in the form of suspended black rods on the ceiling and hard edge furniture for an artistic room layout. Besides, the symmetrical clean look is achieved with glass walls overlooking the open bathroom and toilet. To pull this off, the space is illuminated with natural light from Rococo window frames and hidden spotlights. Hotel Mono truly promises a good night rest in a stylish ambiance.

18 Mosque Street, Singapore 

Image from Shanghai Mansion

Shanghai Mansion

If you’re a fan of Chinese architectural buildings and classic interiors, live out your early 90s fantasy in Shanghai Mansion. The winner of World Luxury Hotel in 2016 certainly marks itself out from the thriving hotel scene in Chinatown Bangkok with its design singularity that breathes art and history to life.

The hotel is built with the courtyard house concept with traditional wooden doors and windows for each guestroom. Oriental lovers will be greeted with a large fish pond on the lobby with Chinese lantern chandeliers and antique chairs sprucing up the ancient mood. The spacious beds have carved wooden panels paired with Chinese silk textiles as plush beddings. Also, the dining scene will bring you back in time with red brocade armchairs and cultural paintings for an overall Shanghai experience.

Yaowaraj Road, Samphantawong, Bangkok 

Image from Phum Baitang Resort

Phum Baitang

This 5-star luxury resort in Siem Reap is also labelled as “the green village” that aims to offer an immersive Cambodian experience. The design and concept is brought forth by Arnaud Zannier to channel the cultural heritage of Cambodia through the traditional village layout of the hotel. Located at the paddy plains and meadows, Phum Baitang delivers an authentic impression of the provincial life in the country.

The whole exterior and interior of the hotel is influenced by the traditional wooden housing of Cambodia and to maintain the originality of the place, Zannier had all the furniture made locally. A perfect fusion of modernity and tradition is seen in the placement of rattan chairs matched with contemporary armchairs and oriental carpet in the living space. Besides that, the walls are decorated with native handicraft items that adds to the local accent.

Phum Svaydangkum, Siem Reap, Cambodia


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