Japan is famously known for its high-tech bullet train and its colourful cartoon characters. Now, Japan is taking it up a notch by combining the two things together! That is how Hello Kitty Shinkansen was born.

A Brief History of Shinkansen

Shinkansen lines across Japan

Japan’s bullet train, which is also known as shinkansen, was first operated on 1 October 1964 and it quickly grew to become people’s favourite. Over the next decade, Japan had extended the shinkansen‘s network catering to people from various cities.

It was also during this period that innovations were made to include dining cars in the train hence improving the service. The shinkansen, which is operated by West Japan Railway Co. Ltd, connects Tokyo to other major cities in the country at a speed as high as 320 km/h.

However, recent efforts have been made to integrate Japan’s culture into the shinkansen, bringing life to everyday commute.

A Look Inside Hello Kitty Shinkansen

Hello Kitty Shinkansen bullet train.

The company has refurbished eight of the 500 series shinkansen bullet trains. Car 1 and Car 2 have been specially designed to accommodate an exclusive Hello Kitty experience. In fact, each of the two car even has a name designated to it.

Each car holds different services for the passengers to enjoy yet both are decorated with the adorable Hello Kitty character.

Car 1: Hello! Plaza

Interior of Hello! Plaza

Car 1 has been designed to as a special place, enabling passengers to mingle with charms of various regions. This car has no seats, instead it showcases local specialties, delicacies and souvenirs from different regions.

Car 2: Kawaii! Room

Photo Spot in Kawaii! Room.

In Car 2, there will be a Photo Spot where you can take pictures with Hello Kitty and her friends as memory. Car 2 will hold passengers in fashionably cute decorations which covers the car from top to bottom.

Ride with Hello Kitty

Here’s your chance to have Hello Kitty accompany you on a train ride! If you’re planning to visit Japan sometime in the near future, don’t forget to board this bullet train.

We strongly advise you to reserve your tickets in advance as this attraction shows promises in becoming a cultural phenomenon among Japan citizens and tourists alike.

To find out more about the Hello Kitty Shinkansen and how to reserve your tickets, kindly visit their website.

Text by Imran Sukri

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