Other than a surprise proposal, there should be no cause for having weak knees all the time. Constant back ache and joint discomfort might warrant symptoms of orthopaedic problems. So, be informed as orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Kunaselan, gets to the basis of bone care and other precautions.

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What are the main orthopaedic problems in our lifestyle today?

Compared to 30 years ago, there are more outdoor engagements in the society. These days, people spend most of their time indoors, sitting in a confined area that limits their movements. This eventually leads to frequent neck, shoulder and hand pain. Besides, not having enough exposure to sunlight can affect the bone density in a long run. Sunlight is the top natural source of vitamin D to improve bone health so do take some time off to be outside on a sunny day. 

Can physical fitness prevent orthopaedic complications? 

Practicing a simple active lifestyle can reduce the risk of orthopaedic diseases. Make it a habit and instill daily physical activities by walking more and taking the stairs instead of elevators. For people who sits in a prolonged time, it is recommended to spend time in between to walk as an exercise. 

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How does young people commonly suffer from orthopaedic issues?

Presently, most young adults get joint injuries from sports. It is essential to warm up your body properly before engaging in physical activities. Also, there are higher tendencies of getting injuries from playing indoor sports like futsal as there are no shock absorptions on hard surfaces as compared to playing on fields. 

If one suffer from a sprain while travelling, what are the quick ways to alleviate the pain?

For immediate action, use ice on the affected area to reduce swelling. Otherwise, menthol oil that consist methyl salicylate gives cool soothing effect to the injured area.

In long flights, how can one stay comfortable and avoid orthopaedic problems?

It is advisable to pick aisle seats for elderly people for more convenience to stretch. Constant movement of limbs can avoid deep vein thrombosis, blood clot in veins for older patients. There is also a high vulnerability for older people to get fractures or back ache from bad turbulence so use additional supports like back and neck pillows for comfort.

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