It is enough that we have to think of what to wear when we go on holiday so when it comes to face and especially hair, doing the minimum is preferred. Plus, to save space in the suitcase, best be bringing one tool that can do it all. Here we list down why the hair dryer is the only one you need featuring Panasonic’s Dual Voltage Travel nanoe Hair Dryer.

Dries, Straightens and Curls

There is no doubt that the hair dryer can do all three of these things when coupled with the right brush. The Panasonic hair dryer has 3 convenient modes to be used depending on the style you want to achieve. Try the ‘Turbo’ mode when you want to achieve silky straight hair or the ‘Cool’ mode to set your waves so they last longer.

Fast Drying Time

This particular Panasonic hair dryer has a quick-dry nozzle that creates an alternate soft and strong airflow. This balanced air flow of air pressure, heat and air volume creates an optimum setting for fast drying without damaging your precious locks.

Creates A Shiny Yet Moisturised Finish

Well, this is specifically thanks to the nanoe generating properties of this Panasonic hair dryer. What is nanoe? It is a particle that contains 1,000 times more moisture than a regular ion which will penetrate your hair and scalp to keep it moisturised even after heat is applied to it. The result is smooth and shiny hair that does not feel rough.

Easy to Store

Do not fear the cramming of all your gadgets into one suitcase at this Panasonic hair dryer comes with a foldable handle. A tip is to store it in a separate bag like one with a drawstring so the wire does not get tangled up with the rest of your things.

Convenient Dual Voltage Properties

Note that when travelling to different countries, voltage or the pressure current that flows through an electrical system varies from country to country. For example, in North America, a voltage of 110-120V is used but many Asian countries use the 220-240V. The Panasonic hair dryer has an interchangeable switch to use the appropriate voltage in your visited country without the need of a converter.

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