When one thinks about premium ice-cream, Häagen-Dazs is the brand that pops to your mind. Nothing is better than its rich flavourful taste of ice-cream on your tongue. Well good news for you, this internationally loved household brand is introducing a new line of frozen yogurt to serve your needs.

Best of Both Worlds

The new Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream is a perfect mix of fresh yogurt with Häagen-Dazs signature velvety ice-cream that is thoroughly made to produce an absolute indulgence for you to beat the summer heat.

The delicious cream with yogurt will give you a whole new “melt in your mouth” pleasure. You can get Häagen-Dazs handpacked yogurt ice cream pints at RM32.15.

Guilt-free Mango Smoothie

With the addition of yogurt as Häagen-Dazs prime ingredient, the brand continues to awe us with the release of Mango Smoothie as their new beverage. The smooth silky texture of the smoothie glides on your tongue as the product of blended Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream, mango sorbet, Greek yogurt, fresh milk and garnished with natural mango pieces.

This heavenly smoothie retails at RM21.90.

Hearty Raspberry Yogurt Tart

Adding to your new tea time session is Häagen-Dazs Raspberry Yogurt Tart that is coated with fresh whipped cream, topped with natural raspberries on a crunchy chocolate cookie base. The sweet yogurt flavour compliments the sour organic raspberries that gives you an ultimate chocolaty mix in each bite.

Get your birthday tart at RM149 for 1kg or RM199 for 1.5kg.

Froyo Crunch and Cheesecake Bingsu

Fixing your sweet tooth cravings after a workout is easy with this nutritious froyo crunch. It is beautifully layered with yogurt and crunchy granola with mix fruits completed with two scoops of Frozen Yogurt ice cream.

To top it off, the Korea-inspired Froyo Cheesecake Bingsu is a creative craft by Häagen-Dazs to combine shaved ice with fluffy cheesecake bites.

Bringing Häagen-Dazs fro you at RM25.90 each. (Did you get the pun?)

More Treats in Your Way

From now until 20 August, get a free scoop of Häagen-Dazs Frozen Yogurt when you flash your Bonuslink card on Samsung Pay upon purchase. Besides, hashtag #haagendazsfrozenyogurt to enjoy 10% off this new product line until 13 August. Other affiliated promotions are available for CIMB cardholders and Häagen-Dazs members.

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