There are insanely a lot of good food in Old Klang Road, hidden in lanes and shoplots that only the locals and regulars know of. Some them have been there since traffic on Old Klang Road was a driver’s nightmare. Yet they brave the congestion for Old Klang Road and the surrounding areas for good eats. 

Café Bistro March Azalea Kitchen 

March Azalea Kitchen is run by chef-owner Sam Tham and his wife Looi, and was built from a scratch by both of them, including making some of the furniture pieces and adding creative touches to its décor. The ambience is relaxing, quiet and pleasantly simple with wide spaces and corners for small groups.

A customer’s favorite is the ‘Sambal Petai Egg Rice’ (RM13.80/USD3.60), a take on the traditional Japanese ‘donburi’ rice bowl dish but served with a local Malaysian twist. The slight tangy spiciness of the ‘sambal’ (a thick spicy chili-based sauce) and ‘petai’ (a type of local green bean) combines well with the sweet and salty chicken floss and the creamy yolk of the poach egg resting on top of the rice bowl. 

‘Healthy Green’ (RM10.80/ USD2.80) is an interesting drink to try, a slightly sweet ice cold blended juice combo of different fruits and vegetables. Another notable item is the café’s Crème Brulee, a slightly sweet creamy custard topped with a thin layer of caramelized brown sugar, pieces of fresh strawberries, blueberries and a small dollop of fresh whipped cream.

40, Jalan Awan Hijau, Taman Overseas Union, Old Klang Road
Opens from Wednesday to Monday at 12pm – 11pm

Punjabi Cha Wala

‘Cha wala’ literally means ‘Tea Man’. For the Punjabis, the term usually refers to a traditional ‘Cha’ or tea place where one can also find wholesome meals. Punjabi Cha Wala, a modest food stall in a Kuala Lumpur mall is an interesting example. 

Cha Wala has a range of authentic Punjabi food and Indian cuisine . Punjabi masala ‘cha’ is a local cow’s milk with cloves, cardamom and ginger. The milk is delivered fresh daily from a farm near Kuala Lumpur city and also sold at retail at their food stall. 

Another must try is the ‘paratha’ flat bread, freshly made from mixing and kneading the wholemeal bread dough to slow frying it on a flat pan. Some customers prefer adding Ghee (like clarified butter) to give the ‘parathas’ a light and fluffy texture. 

Another must try dish is the ‘chicken perattal’, a type of dry curry chicken cooked with different spices and has a rich and spicy taste. The delicious thick curry sauce and juicy tender chicken meat pair really well, when eaten with the parathas or roti flat breads. Cha Wala also offers a full spread of about 6-8 dishes for lunch and dinner including vegetarian set meals as well as fish and meat curries and stir fry vegetable.

A Punjabi meal is never complete without the traditional sweets. Cha Wala has 4 sweet items on their menu including the more popular ‘Laddu’ (flour, ghee, sugar and spices) and ‘Gulab Jamun’ (milk solid, sugar & spices), which are both very sweet and scented with spices.

Stall No 2, Food Court, 2nd Floor, Pearl Point Shopping Mall, Old Klang Road
Opens daily from 11am – 9pm 

Owners Long and Ling posing at their mini food truck

Long Kee Roast Duck

The earthy aroma of roasted five-spice-salts and smoked barbeque meats draws customers to the ‘Long Kee Roast Duck’ mini food truck parked by the roadside in OUG township of southeast Kuala Lumpur city. The glass display cabinet is filled with several rows of freshly roasted ducks, strips of ‘Char Siew’ (barbeque pork), crackling skin roast pork belly, and ‘Siew Cheong’ (chinese sausage) still warm and dripping meat juices.   

Husband and wife ‘Ah Long and Ah Ling’ have owned this small but popular roast duck stall for the past 20 years and it has become a local landmark today. Before this, they had worked for a ‘sifu’ master roaster who had taught them the tricks of the trade, and since then they have started their own operations parked on this road known to locals as ‘Duck Street’. (The namesake comes from the huge ‘mysterious’ duck stone engraving at the roadside near their stall). 

Their greatest satisfaction is to see their roast duck and barbeque meats bring smiles to their local customers who keep coming back for more. They also have many local out-of-town customers and foreign visitors from as far as Europe, Australia, Japan and India.

A whole duck (about 1.5 kg) costs RM60 (USD16), half at RM30 (USD8) and a quarter at RM17 (USD4.50). A kilo of roast pork costs RM85 (USD22), BBQ ‘Char Siew’ and Chinese sausage are RM60 (USD15.50) per kg.    

Jalan Awan Besar OUG, Old Klang Road
Opens daily from 1am – 6pm

Words and Photos by YY Chen

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