Originally called Frozen by Ken, Frozen Artisan began in a Bangsar shophouse featuring the creations of Ken Liew and Evelyn Lim who met while working at Glace, Melbourne’s most talked about dessert bar. The fine yet quirky touch can be seen in the artisanal frozen desserts sold in this bright modernist café which include ice cream, sorbets and frozen cakes.

Although the inspiration may come from Down Under, flavours are decidedly local with tropical fruits like coconut, soursop, Kalamansi and Durian and regional herbs like Pandan featuring prominently, familiar flavours like Ais Batu Campur, Kopi-O, Kuih Talam and Kaya Toast.

Whimsical but grounded in meticulous technique, Liew and Lim showcase these unusual flavours through the layering of multiple elements, weaving together ice-cream, sorbet, baked cake, glazes, meringue, ganache, sauces, compotes and crumbles with flair, aesthetics and utter deliciousness. The original spirit of Frozen Artisan will be brought to a larger audience beginning with a kiosk in Paradigm Mall in Petaling Jaya and 4 more in the works.

Must try: The King, the ultimate durian sweet treat pairs a centre of Musang King durian ice cream with coconut sorbet wrapped in spiky torched marshmallow skin showcasing the richness of both fruits with a satisfying textural contrast.

6, Jalan Telawi 4, Bangsar
+603-2856 8289

Text by Jennifer Choo

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