Swarovski hosted the first-ever event of this scale at The St. Regis Hotel in Kuala Lumpur by launching “Brilliance for All” as its annual event in the metropolitan luxury landscape.

A Diamond For Every Woman

In 1895, Daniel Swarovski famously stated, “Diamonds are for royalty. I want to create a diamond for every woman.” Still emboldened by his wish to create a sparkling brilliance in every woman’s life, Swarovski’s lasting legacy is the cornerstone of the event theme, “Brilliance for All.” Over the 120-plus years since, Daniel Swarovski’s groundbreaking crystal-cutting techniques have evolved to transform the jewellery industry and catapulted Swarovski onto the world’s stage as a global fashion jewellery brand.

Swarovski Fall/Winter 2018 “Crystal Tales” celebrates the silhouettes of fantasy with a palette of rich jewel tones and golden accents for any day or night look. This vision of femininity is showed in the pendants, charms, bold cocktail rings and delicate ornate earrings.

Swarovski’s Creative Director Nathalie Colin made her first trip to Malaysia to launch the magical collection. “The world of magic, enchantment and fairy tales offers an escape from the everyday life. This captivating world inspired the Crystal Tales Collection”, she explains.

Swarovski Brilliant 8 on stage with Nathalie Colin

A Moment To Shine

Bringing together top influencers, media and special VIP guests from around Southeast Asia, this star-studded event pays tribute to local and international celebrities and trendsetters in celebrating multifaceted female talents. We see Neelofa and Venice Min (Malaysia), Nittha Jirayungyurn (Thailand), Melissa Koh (Singapore), Elizabeth Rahajeng and Olivia Lazuardy (Indonesia) and Marie Lozano and Nicole Andersson (Philippines) representing this season’s unique creativity and personalities.

The dazzling gala is then graced by special performances by Malaysian singing sensation Yuna and DJ Curley before closing in the unforgettable night.

Words by Jessy Wong

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