The season may not be here yet but catch the imagination of a sparkling night in Swarovski‘s magical 2019 Winter Collection.

Encouraging women to “find your lucky star”, the string of versatile jewelry pieces make a perfect ensemble that glams up any outift under the bright night.

The Swarovski Symbolic Collection is a set of mystical motifs from the Nordic night skies; a constellation of glittering stars, crescent moons and other themes in polished metallic gold, silver and rose-gold tones.

Swarovski’s Creative Director Nathalie Colin shares her thoughts for the inspiration behind the collection; 

“I find that one of the best ways to disconnect from today’s hectic world is to reconnect with nature and to look at the stars. This season we want our glittering jewelry and accessories to feel symbolic and magical in the way they can amplify feelings of positivity and empower the women who wear them to reach for the stars.”

The delicate pieces brilliantly capture the night and elegance with Swarovski crystals colours as seen from crescent-shaped ring, necklaces, and the long moon earrings (with removable sections for different occasions).

Can I also point out the absolutely dreamy vintage visuals for these Swarovski Symbolic Collections?

Text by Jessy Wong

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