The world has since moved from scrapbooking in the 80’s, to blogging in the late 90’s and less than a decade later, we are back to scrapbooking again – only this time it is an elevated version of the 80’s scrap n’ stick. We call it travel journaling. 

Creating a travel journal requires 3 main ingredients: travel, mementos (for scrapbooking) and a fancy journal. A popular journal of choice these days are the Traveler’s Company’s popular Traveler’s Notebooks which feature a supple, genuine leather cover and elastic bands to allow interchanging journals, and the ability to hold up to 3 journals at a time. The journals are plain – allowing you room to be creative with decorating – and come in a variety of blank, grid and dotted.

Other accessories that can be included in your journal are decorative metal, leather pen holders, clear plastic card holders, zippered pouches and even kraft folders for holding various paper mementos like ticket stubs, postcards and foldable maps. You can even go as far as purchasing a silver or bronze charm or get your leather cover custom-embossed with your name on it.

The idea of the modern travel journal is its compact and functional build, that allows travellers to record their travels on-the-go. You can lay out your pages however you like: write a snippet of that memorable day in Osaka or stick the ticket stubs from all your trips around Paris using the metro. Add in mementos like a receipt from your favourite ramen restaurant or stick the label of your favourite Czech beer inside. Anything goes.

Once you have picked up the basics of laying out a travel page, you can opt to use other decorative tools like washi tapes, rubber stamps, cute stickers and polaroid photos. Seasoned journalers are known to use staining inks, calligraphy and watercolour paint to achieve better aesthetics in their precious journals.

Where to buy a travel journal?

Stickerrific Store

This store is known for their extensive catalogue of unique stationery from Japan and the 3 resident in-store cats. You can purchase a starter Traveler’s Notebook kit along with accessories and washi tapes. You can shop both online or at their store in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.

CzipLee Bangsar

For many years, they sell a variety of regular stationery. They began to add artists’ materials into their repertoire, before introducing travel journaling supplies after the trend began to gain traction in Malaysia. Now they are a one-stop-shop solution for all things creative on paper. You can shop both online or at their store in Bangsar.

Sumthings of Mine

This is the only store that operates fully online. They sell an array of curated and unique products that are brought in from various parts of the world, notably artisanal Taiwanese, Chinese and Japanese products. Their store is a great place to discover new stationery brand or products.

Words by Michelle Lim 

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