Non-Japanese readers might have a hard time searching for an authentic guide across Japan online, but not anymore! SHARE Pro Co. Ltd. launched Foodies Go Local a large-scale English website of Japan food culture and cuisine for foreigners.

The Global Challenge

In an industry worth US$250 billion globally, Japanese food culture remains a drawing factor for foreign visitors to travel to Japan. Their food is not only healthy but deeply appealing to the taste buds of many.

However, it is a challenge for non-Japanese readers to navigate the internet looking for a Japanese restaurant/food in particular regions. While we scrounge the depth of internet for a quality guide and information, Foodies Go Local comes to rescue in connecting us to our needs.

An Extensive Digital Food Platform

Their new English website contains practical food guide connecting producers, retailers, buyers, investors and tourists worldwide. You can get a thorough information on Japan’s food culture and specialties as well as accessing the best products and services available.

Foodies Go Local is made up of a multi-national team based in Japan who share their experiences in detail to curate the finest Japan food life guide. Read it first-hand from the writers on where to go to eat and what to buy while travelling there.

If you love them, Foodies Go Local also offer special and exclusive content to those joining their Member’s Club service.

By Jessy Wong

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