Express Rail Link Sdn. Bhd. (ERL) officially introduces six new KLIA Ekspres and Transit trains with songket motifs that reflects the Malaysian culture and art scene. These innovative trains will speed on the railway starting today.

Modern Traditional Train

Designed exclusively for KLIA Ekspres, Mohd Fairis Salleh and Shuhairul Hafizie Shuib use multiple songket designs that adopt Pucuk Rebung, Tapak Sulaiman and Bunga Pecah Lapan patterns on top of a rainbow of colours to create a positive patriotic spirit.

Pucuk Rebung are bamboo shoots which symbolises growth aspirations, Tapak Sulaiman is a starfish motif that stood for the five elements of earth while Bunga Pecah Lapan represents floral beauty in translating Malaysian heritage to complement the leading-edge trains.

A Compelling Design

KLIA Ekspres songket trains are attractive on the inside and out. It can accommodate more passengers in their improved service for public transportation with more seats onboard whereas standing passengers in KLIA Transit will have better handrails along the aisle.

The upgraded features also see 15% more air-conditioning capacity in the cars and a longer seat pitch for comfort.

Shorter Waiting Time

KLIA Ekspres will have an additional 2 train sets while KLIA Transit will have 4. This decreases the waiting time from the previous 20-minute interval to 15 minutes during peak hours (from 6am-9am and 4pm to 7pm).

Travel now with KLIA Ekspres to live in the experience.

Text by Jessy Wong

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