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How much do you know about meat besides the bursting of flavours and melt-in-your-mouth kind of goodness? The growing of the Western dining scene in global Singapore is changing the wave of Friday night drinks with chips and wings but delicately with meat instead. From beef, pork and chicken to grilling and sous vide, steak aficionados and BBQ fans can indulge their favourite kind of sin. Also, you wouldn’t want to be wiping that grease in front of your date so here are four places to go from bros-night and craft beers to romantic dinner for lovers.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

What started as a father-son duo’s love for steak has expanded into a global business spanning across 18 locations worldwide for this New York-based steakhouse. Wolfgang and Peter Zwiener opened their first classy restaurant 13 years ago at Park Avenue Manhattan and has since been distinctly known for their USDA Black Angus meat, aged to perfection in producing a sharp concentrated flavour. Set in a classic posh interior with mahogany tables, leather dining chairs and floor-to-ceiling wine rack, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse presents an all- rounder fine-dining dinner experience.

The tenderness of their steak comes from a month long of dry-aging process in a designated aging room to break down the connective tissues before broiling it at 870 degrees Celsius, the all-American traditional style. The gourmet dry-aged meat is served from medium rare filled with a succulent smack and crispy caramelised exterior paired with greens on the side as well as a glass of top-notch wine. For appetizers, go for signature Wolfgang’s Salad that comes with an abundance of crunchy bits of bacon. Also with common celebrity sightings in the Manhattan branch, you might chance upon seeing famous people dining in this New York restaurant look-alike.

 The Quayside, Robertson Quay

Decker Barbecue

Priding itself as a genuine Texas common place in Singapore, Decker Barbecue proves why their all-wood cooking method wins our hearts. Think about a campfire, barbequing with wood can hike up the savouriness of meat and produce an unprecedented smoke flavour. This is achieved by using their custom- built smoker shipped all the way from Dallas, Texas. Combined with their spices, Decker Barbecue offers an authentic American meaty meal that takes 16 hours to prepare.

Simple picnic tables and wooden seating in the al-fresco restaurant will remind you of a backyard/porch barbeque except with an abundance of poultry meat served at your choice. Star of the night would be their Texas Beef Brisket that melts in your mouth with a little crunchiness and a dose of juiciness. Another piece of masculine delicacy is their Spare Ribs that is amazingly glazed and piquant with the selection of spice rub. Try the Pulled Pork that is surprisingly tender and a good choice to eat it with bread or some smoky Buffalo Wings with blue cheese sauce. The best thing is you can try all that in one sitting as the food is ordered by the gram.

The Quayside, Robertson Quay

A newly opened speakeasy-style steakhouse launches itself as a unique venture with only 10 seaters. Local founder Stanley Seow was inspired to offer a different outlook on steakhouses in his attempt to invigorate the contemporary concept of meat places. At Fat Belly, you are able to see the chef grilling and sculpting the dishes to perfection by the counter-seats and enjoy a Teppanyaki-style dinner in excitement.

The Flat Iron and Short Rib are top chef recommendations on alternative cuts of beef. The Flat Iron is a beef slice from cow’s shoulders that has more muscles than fat for weight-watchers. The lean meat is tender and cooked evenly to preserve the moisture on the inside while Short Rib is greasier and more flavourful with a little fat. Get optional sides such as Guanciale Mac & Cheese or Creamed Kale with the steaks. If you don’t know, Guanciale is an Italian cured meat made from pork and the cheesy macaroni is sprinkled with the diced meat that will rocket one’s palate. For desserts, get their photo-worthy Jade made from meringue and strawberry jelly or Foie Gras ice cream served with brulee banana.

Serene Centre, 10 Jalan Serene

Meat Smith

Southern American BBQ has never tasted so close to home in Asia. Meat Smith is a smokehouse with an industrialised blacksmith garage semblance with a built-in bar for craft beers, cocktails and whiskey for a complete night out. Chef Andrew Baldus took his inspiration from the States in serving the meat platters where hickory wood is used to grill ribs to produce the perfect heat and flavour for a traditional barbecue dinner. For 12 hours long, the ribs will be smoked until the meat is tender and free from the bones.

Meat Smith BBQ Platter is a heavenly mix of Black Angus beef ribs, Angus brisket, Memphis dry rub pork ribs with BBQ sauce, smoked chicken and bone marrow that could feed up to 4 people. For a premium price, you can get a Mishima Ultra Wagyu Ribeye with your platter. The reserve Black Wagyu smoked beef is served with chimichurri rich with a tang of parsley and garlic in an ala carte order. Treat your taste buds with the American and Asian fusion of Chongqing Pork Ribs that uses dried chillies and Szechuan peppers in Western grilling.

167/169, Telok Ayer Street

By Jessy Wong

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