Get down to the simplest means of nourishing our health with Dr Lim Soo San, physician and endocrinologist from Pantai Hospital Cheras in understanding the truth behind a proper nutritional therapy for our bodies.

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All carbs are good because it’s at the bottom of the food pyramid

This is the biggest misconception for all. There’s a difference between wholegrain and refined carbs. Wholegrain food is high in fiber which makes it the healthiest to consume daily. Instead of white rice, opt for brown rice, quinoa and millet for a wholesome meal.

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Eating healthy is sufficient to prevent illnesses 

Nutritional therapy extends from just abiding the food pyramid consumption. Without daily exercises, our bodies are susceptible to breakdown and ailing. A constant workout, adequate hydration and sleep are also recommended to keep our weight in control.

Alcohol is detrimental to our bodies

The worst kind of alcohol is definitely beer but not all of it is bad. However, red wine has antioxidants that can promote our heart health and is good for blood circulation. Nonetheless, do drink it in moderation. 

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Travellers’ diarrhea is unpreventable  

You can be saved from the stomach agony that will ruin your trip. Take precaution and be protected with an oral or injectable vaccine if you are travelling to places that have high chances of cholera and other traveller’s diseases. Also, choose your food wisely as this does not give you a free pass from the sickness. 

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Meal replacement is not real food 

Although meal shakes, drink sachets and energy bars are not all tasty, it does pack a good amount of essential protein, fiber and nutrients like a real meal. Meal replacement is convenient especially for on-the-go people and travellers. One is advised to consume the calories adequately depending on their individual body weight. 

Snacking contributes to weight gain

Don’t suffer from poor snack choices! Snacking can boost your mood and prevent overeating during main meal time. Just make sure to pick your snacks from the lower food pyramid like nuts, fruits serving and veggies.

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