CoolBlog launched their latest seasonal drink from Johor to the masses for this Ramadan season. Previously limited only to the southern Malaysian state, the ‘Cool Kathira’ drink is a favourite beverage to have during the festivities.

The Key to Break Fast

‘Cool Kathira’ limited edition drink is an indulgence of local flavours suited to many delicacies during the time of breaking fast. It is prepared with pandan jelly, date jelly and basil seeds that adds to the taste with every sip. The ingredients are not only a treat to the tongue but also helps our body to adjust while fasting.

Pandan is known to boost our appetite and removes the toxins from our body when we don’t maintain our regular diet during the holy month. Dates have plenty of healthy perks especially in restoring our blood sugar during iftar and basil seeds help to relieve bloating and gas from our body. Having a combination of this recipe can relatively boost the consumer with health benefits and energy.

More than a Southern Favourite

As Coolblog is a homegrown from Johor, it is logical to promote something which is close to their hearts at the stores for everyone to taste the refreshing drink during the month of Ramadan. In addition, the drink comes in a limited edition bottle for convenience to break fast anywhere without making a mess.

Priced at only RM6.90, the aromatic beverage will be available at all CoolBlog kiosks and outlets nationwide from now until 7 July 2018.

Words by Jessy Wong

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