Chuanxi Bazi, the largest chain of hotpot brand in China officially introduces their Sichuan palate to Malaysians in their first flagship restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

Chuanxi Bazi is a familiar brand in China with over 300 outlets nationwide. Master Chef Hu Jianqing, the chairman and founder of this Chengdu-style hotpot is more than excited to show us how hotpot is locally done in southwestern China.

Sichuan cuisine is popular for its bold flavours of spiciness with generous input of local chilli peppers and not forgetting, their unique Sichuan pepper.

The broth in Chuanxi Bazi is the reflection of a true Sichuan-style preparation.

“Pork Ball with Quail Egg” wrapped with cabbage

“Crispy Fried Pork” with chilli peppers

One thing you’ll realise in Chuanxi Bazi is that the chilli oil in the soup does not float to the top when its cooled.

A seasoned cook like Master Chef Hu had strict quality control and made sure his authentic recipe from China is served from thousand of miles across the South China Sea.

Along with the wide selection of dishes and vegetables for steamboat, Chuanxi Bazi also serves authentic China produce and products like yam and spices in the restaurant. Their Chinese Yam is completely different from the yam we usually eat here!

Quail egg, pork slices and fu chuk roll with a two-flavour hotpot broth

For Malaysians who are not used to the spiciness, order the”Beijing Yogurt” to soothe your stomach or eat the hotpot dishes with your preffered mix of dips and sauces from mushroom sauce, garlic, chives and more from the Sauce Counter.

The dips and sauces can actually help to alleviate the tangy spiceness of the hotpot!

Chuanxi Bazi Restaurant

Opening hours: Daily from 11am till 11pm
Location: Second floor, V03A-02-02, Sunway Visio Tower (VO3A), Lingkaran SV, Sunway Velocity, Jalan Cheras, Maluri 55100 KL
Contact: +603-9202 3028 or

Text and photos by Jessy Wong

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