This pageant queen won her biggest title in 2004 when she was crowned Miss Chinese Cosmos (Universe) International beating 9000 participants from around the world. After her win, Carrie Lee never slowed down and continued to be part of the pageant world through organising and now is pursuing her dream of a skincare line. We talked to her about her busy life as a working mum of three and her favourite places to travel with her kids.

Where is the place or country that you frequently visit for holidays?

I travel to Japan every year. Next is Shirakawa. It’s a village where people from all over the world go to enjoy the scenery and the environment next to the snowy mountains. I’m bringing my three kids this time though.

What kind of fun activities do you plan to do there with your kids?

They all like to play in the snow and build their own snowman.

Do you travel a lot with your kids?

I always travel with my kids. We try to travel 3 to 4 times a year. It’s challenging sometimes for me because I’m bringing all of them one shot. It’s tougher than all of my projects. You have to think about all their needs like if need their milk or if they get cold. It can get tiring but their smiles and laughter are awesome and it makes me happy as well. I end up thinking about them when I travel alone for business.

What is next on your travel list?

Coming up, I’m planning to visit Iceland. My children and my family want to see the aurora lights. Another place in Iceland that I want to visit is the Blue Lagoon which is good for health because I love anything to do with water.

Are you more of a beach person or a snow person?

I’m more of a sea person. I prefer places with a hot climate as I feel fresher there.

How do you keep yourself looking fresh and beautiful when you are travelling?

Before going overseas, I prep by getting eyelash extensions. I don’t have to put a lot of makeup because I have my own skincare line where I use my serum. Maybe a little bit of eyeliner and lipgloss and I can go out already. I can get ready pretty fast. My friends tell me that I wear a lot of makeup for hangouts or yam cha but in reality, I can get it done in 6 minutes.

What kind of a packer are you?

I’m not such a good packer as I’m very last minute. I don’t bother so much with my clothes but I do make sure that my kids are well dressed. For me, I don’t really mind so much. I just need my makeup and skincare and I’m good.

What kind of projects are you working on right now?

I just did a charity event this past Chinese New Year for an organisation that helps disabled people. Coming up, I’m organising another one with an orphanage where they will do performances. We are creating a platform for them to showcase their skills on stage, happening at Paradigm Mall on 26 of March.

The skincare line that I’m working on is La’C Skin which is a passion of mine. It’s a EE cream and a serum where the materials are imported from Switzerland. My sports centre called White Fairy Sports has been going for 6 years. I’m planning to build another one this year so stay tuned for the latest location.

What kind of causes are dear to your heart?

From time to time, I would go for blood donations at the National Blood Centre in KL. I believe even a little bit of our blood can save lives.

What have you learned and gained from being in the pageant world?

Beauty pageants really changed my life and it is why I continue to organise them after winning my international title back in 2004. I’ve been organising pageants for 13 years now as I feel it can help transform a woman’s confidence like how it transformed mine. Plus it has given me a lot of opportunities, not just in the entertainment industry but also behind the stage work as a producer and organiser.

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