Short for “Bullet Journal”, the notebook-organisation method is a trend that improves daily productivity and fulfil goal-setting agendas. In short, a life planner system.

It is not just a diary; BuJo has the pages to reminiscence the past, plan for the future and all the while managing the present.

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To ease the chaos (that is life), people who keeps a BuJo have start to discover what they need and don’t need for optimal life efficiency. The New Yorker likened the result of bullet journaling to “Marie Kondo for the notebook”.

To clear the confusion in the air, BuJo is not keeping multiple notebooks for organisation–it is lots of different planning occurring in one journal.

What You Can Have in a BuJo

The most important element in the journal will number the pages to track down the notes and tips you are looking for. Index can be colour coded or categorised and it is updated by degree as you progress.

• Time Logs
Daily, weekly or monthly spread helps to plan your life in details for schedule, appointments, deadlines, goals and important information to remember. 

Future Log
Clear outlook to exercise routine and overall direction in achieving goals. 

By listing things down, the ability of crossing it off the list upon completion–even the smallest matter–gives an indescribable sense of control and fulfillment in life.

Meal Plan
Draft ahead in what to cook for the week and curate a wholesome grocery list. The functional list helps to save time in grocery trips and prevent overlooking items while shopping. 

• Money Management
It enhances the focus in financial planning to travel, do the things you want in life and save money for big-time purchases. The spread in money planning can help to visualise the process better.

Photo from Summorie

To Get Started

Finding the right journal is pivotal for one to enjoy the process of bullet journaling. Summorie–short for summarising memory–is a Malaysian start-up modern stationery brand.

Summorie notebooks and planners are customisable from its covers, papers and made-to-order personalisation. The quality-grade notebooks ensure a lasting condition for day-to-day journaling.

Besides, the minimalist and aesthetic design has unique text pages that inspire starters to begin the note-taking journey. Check out their website for its practical notebooks and other miscellaneous products. 

Text by Jessy Wong

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