A connoisseur of travel by passion, the Bird Man comes with an exceptionally keen sense to help unravel the colourful and complicated world we live in today. Opinionated he may be but his rare combination of a newsmaker’s mind and being a natural bon vivant does indeed make scrumptious food for thought. Enjoy!

Many complain on how hard it is to find parking at shopping malls on weekends. Yet they are still clocking in despite the terrible jams. What’s wrong with these people?

Nothing wrong with them. It’s human nature. Just like the bee line at the Marriage Registration office. Those waiting outside are desperate to get in and those inside are desperate to come out.

Do you practice new year resolutions every year? How has it gone so far? Have you actually ever fully achieved them?

Of course, I do. It’s such a noble and achievable ritual. Plus, we reserve all the rights to renew it every year, especially the pledge to quit smoking and alcohol.

Hearing a lot about dresses and chess games lately. Does how one dress during a chess game affect the results?

Yes, the dress code is part of the strategy to distract the focus of the opponent. Try to also consider some strange accessories to horrify the opponent. It’s called the art of trepidation. The dress code is also a key strategy to win support from the spectators.

I want to travel for free but i don’t know how. I am talking about proper a holiday without being ‘hired’. Any idea?

To fly free is quite simple, marry someone like Tan Sri Tony Fernandez or Sir Richard Branson. To fly for free is not about luck but it’s simply a choice. We must learn the fact that parents are inevitable but in-laws are optional. Another option is to build an airplane. If Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright could make it from scratch 146 years ago, no reason you can’t DIY it in this era of technological revolutions.

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