Chasing beyond latest trends to something much greater, these ethical fashion brands in Southeast Asia are hopeful towards a wholesome betterment through their love for fashion.

As the pioneer of sustainable consumer trade in Malaysia, Biji-biji Ethical Fashion creates an alternative to fast fashion by directly reusing and upcycling waste materials in their fashion line.

What spur the need for ethical fashion?

“We advocate a critical necessity for the fashion industry to commit to sustainable and ethical standards which are today considered “alternatives” to the typical manufacturing process. Our mission is to change these perceived “alternatives” into the norm,” as explained on their webpage.

The brand even have a scoring mechanism called Biji scores, which measure the environmental, economic and social impact of their products.

Popularly discarded materials such as seat belts and advertising banners together with underutilised fabrics like felt and vintage kimonos are used to create the iconic Biji-biji custom collection.

Most of their items are also water-resistant as it is made from seat belt and PVC banners. Quality assured, their custom collection is loved for the classic vintage style that is sure to down for generations.

If you fancy bright colours and designs to your accessories, Biji-biji X Nakakoma Orimono line will add a flair of brocade and kimono pattern to your everyday bag.

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