“Tea time is a chance to slow down, pull back and appreciate our surroundings” – Letitia Baldrige. Yes, when comes to tea time in Malaysia, everyone revels in it. Malaysians, like people from other countries, love tea. The beloved tea holiday in this country is Cameron Highlands. It is the hotbed of tea plantation, as some of the country’s best tea brands are planted and produced here in these valleys. You can safely say that majority of the local here has visited Cameron Highlands. While tea plantation is the highlight of this place, it is also home for fresh agriculture produce and horticulture.


Travellers can get to Cameron Highlands by land, either by car, rented taxi or bus. There are regular bus and taxi services from capital city of Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands. There are also bus services from Simpang Pulai bus station travelling from Kinta to Cameron Highlands hill station.


Visiting tea plantation fields and tea producing factories should be the main itinerary in travellers’ visit here. It would be a good learning experience on how tea leaves are processed and produced. Also, there are many farmers cultivating land for fresh vegetables and fruits. Travellers can go strawberry picking and visit flower farms, just some of the many horticulture activities there.


Cameron Highland has a wide number of hotels and accommodations suited for every budget. There are also apartments that has 3-4 rooms if you are travelling in a group. Holiday Inn Cameron Highlands and Strawberry Park Hotel are the two notable names when it comes to accommodations here.


Travellers can find all sorts of restaurants serving local delights, ranging from Malay, Chinese and Indian food. On a chilly night, you can go to Gonbei restaurant for a Chinese steamboat dinner. Since Cameron Highlands is where fresh vegetables are planted, a good vegetarian meal would be a sumptuous delight. Try some at Cameron Organic Produce Steamboat Restaurant.

Words by John Gilbert

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