Travelling started as a group activity but its purpose has definitely evolved over the years. The 21st century serves new travel trends, destinations and most importantly, objectives–like self-discovery from solo travel.

The growing trend for solo travel found that travellers, regardless of age, gender or nationality, love to spend some alone time at a new destination.

To know what Malaysians really feel about solo travel, Klook has commissioned a Solo Travel study conducted by YouGov and this is what they found.

1. Out of 21,000 respondents in 16 markets, 76% of our locals have either travelled alone or are considering it.

2. One of the main must-do things for Malaysians when travelling alone is taking Insta-worthy photos.

Malaysians are actually ranked as one of the top 3 countries with most respondents that react positively to taking Instagram photos when solo travelling! We are all in support of #vm2020 #CutiCutiMalaysia and #VisitMalaysia2020

3. Most Malaysians worry about feeling lonely when travelling alone

With little surprise, fear of feeling lonely comes at second place after concern for safety in travelling. Malaysia is made up of a sociable society and as much as we want to travel alone, some are right to fear that they might feel lonesome on a companionless trip.

Getting Started with Solo Travel

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Text by Jessy Wong

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