A Sustainable Concept

We are more than thrilled to announce that Bangkok’s hottest flea market is making a tour to Malaysia in February 2018! If you haven’t heard of Artbox Thailand, it is a market made of old shipping containers for hundreds of stalls from clothes, food, home décor and music for youngsters and adults alike.

The used container boxes are mobile thus Artbox have been making appearances in various parts of Thailand and even grew to Singapore where the pop-up flea market gained a massive turnout last year.

An Evening of Excitement

Malaysians can shop like they’re in Bangkok with various kinds of food, hipster products, in-trend fashions and gadgets, all in one destination. Besides, get your phone ready as the place will be Insta-worthy at every angle.

The actual date in February hasn’t been confirmed so follow their official Facebook page for updates!

To get a feel of what it is like, watch this video below by Coconuts TV.


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