Another emerging Pearl-crafted landmark with you in heart and mind by one of the pioneer developers – Aikbee Group. Located in Old Klang Road, one of the busiest roads in Klang Valley, opened it’s door since September 2016. Pearl Shopping Gallery is a 3 storeys neighbourhood mall which is part of a mixed development project – Pearl Suria Residence. Much like a second home, Pearl Shopping Gallery playing house to familiar favourites grocery and home decor, as well as a repertoire of dining outlets and amenities intended to pamper, feed and entertain you. Follow us as we harvest some of it’s tantalising secrets.

Paradise Dynasty

Immerse your senses in its rich culture from the northern and southern parts of Imperial China and savour its exquisite yet timeless flavours of bygone eras in a family-friendly contemporary style dining hall. Prepare to be amazed by the taste, texture and character of their famous Hand Pulled Noodles with signature pork bone broth and delve into the legend of Paradise Dynasty’s signature 8-flavour Xiao Long Bao to treat your taste buds for a joyful and unforgettable dining experience.

Level 1, Lot 12


“In an abandoned powerplant, greenery unexpectedly comes to life…” Definitely not a competitor to Tenaga Nasional Berhad nor a run of the mill wine and dine joint as our Korean fusion food are served with a twist, and soju cocktails so electrifying that will blow your mind. Jjang!

Ground floor, Lot 3

Fat Cat Café

A cup of freshly roasted coffee accompanied by Charcoal toast made from “activated charcoal” and love at Fat Cat Café is arguably the best way to start or to wrap up your day. Sourcing beans from all around the world, each cup is carefully curated to your liking by their passionate baristas prioritizing quality over quantity.

Level 2, Lot 4


Fried chicken has been South Korea’s staple meal or bar snack since time immemorial and Kyochon the giants of the healthy KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) scene. Each piece of drug-free chicken is hand-brushed with our special MSG-free sauces then freshly fried upon order, resulting in an outer crispy layer of skin and inner juicy tender meat, perfectly balanced as all things should be. 

Ground floor, Lot 5


The legend of Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee began decades ago with Mr. Tan operating from a humble noodle shack in Jalan T.A.R, K.L. He pioneered the now-ubiquitous Chili Pan Mee, using homemade noodles & other ingredients together created with traditional techniques by hand. Over the years, the consistent quality of Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee’s creations has captured the hearts and stomachs of the masses.

Level 1, Lot 11

Glory Fried Chicken Kingdom

Comfort food at its best. Glory Fried Chicken Kingdom offer lip-smacking comfort food such as signature succulent fried chicken chop that takes serious conviction to resist its tastiness and Sesame Oil Ginger Chicken Vermicelli – A timeless classic remastered by Glory Fried Chicken Kingdom with Bentong ginger and other premium condiments. 

Level 1, Lot 5


Cremeo offers top shelf premium quality soft serve and desserts. We pride ourselves on bringing you exciting unique flavours – freshly made daily in our kitchen and decadent desserts that will tickle your taste buds. Try our signature soft serve flavours such as French Vanilla Sea Salt & Thai Tea, so Creme-nally good you’ll be asking for seconds. 


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