Have you ever set your foot in Kuala Pilah, one of the legendary towns in Negeri Sembilan? Based on popular belief, Kuala Pilah land is covered with paddy plantation earlier until modernization swept over these identical landmarks and turning the town into beneficial tourists’ attractions that churned profitable returns for the government and the locals. If you ever happen to visit Kuala Pilah either accidentally or planned, you’ve got to try these recommended food, activities and visit these attractions to complete your whole journey because if you don’t do these things, it would be just one of your meaningless journey here. Kuala Pilah is rich with natural tourist’s attractions that will make you at awe once you step into them.


If you are a true nature lover I would suggest for you to visit Ulu Bendul Recreational Park which is famous for its waterfall. It is located at the entrance of Kuala Pilah as we exited from the North-South highway. One may have to jungle trek all its way up to the top which reaches up to 85 meter. The waterfall is discreet and obviously isn’t so bad. The water is clean and is crowded with people during the weekend. What’s best about the place is that it is surrounded with common facilities such as a row of food court at the front, chalets and many other activities are available around the area. For true nature fan, this might be your first place that you ought to go once you reached Kuala Pilah.


Prefer a sightseeing advantage? Well, you get what you want here as Kuala Pilah town also has this attractive re-painted furniture shops which is a pre-war building still standing proud even after all these years. Still preserving its classic and unique designs, most of the buildings are re-painted in order to give that exclusive look to match with the posh teak and wood-based furniture showroom settings. Some of the furniture sold here are nice and at a very affordable price. Good for those who decide to change the way their household look and adding a classic vintage touch to it along the way.


If you are a shopaholic type, you will go wild and crazy once you are at Tanjung Ipoh. Normally a weekend market will be held at Tanjung Ipoh selling dozens of things that will capture your interest. To summarize, there are a lot of activities of festive shopping and preparation works there on the weekend. Where else you can get a supply of fresh beef, fish and chicken except from this market? Other things that people might find here are all the Hari Raya essentials which normally used for the preparation of ketupat and lemang are widely available right here in this market.


But your journey to Kuala Pilah will not be completed without trying the exceptional Malaysian traditional dessert, “Cendol” from a small stall which located at Malay bazaar which located quite nearby the popular wet market of Kuala Pilah. The delicious taste that you get from the creamy coconut milk blended with the sweetness of the “anau” sugar which can be bought in cylinder shape block, made the dessert a must try for everyone who happens to visit Kuala Pilah especially during the hot summer season.

I bet these 4 amazing places should be enough for you to truly enjoy your stay at Kuala Pilah. Since Kuala Pilah was just a small town surrounded with nature, I believe that everybody will be absorbed with the beauty of its nature and unique green surroundings while enjoying the typical friendly treatment from the locals at the marketplace. You will never forget the taste of the famous dessert nor will you not remember the beauty of the buildings that you have found throughout your journey at Kuala Pilah., the memorable town with handful of attractions.

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