Let’s face it, being a jet-setter is actually tiring. So, when I get back from the walking and sightseeing, a good foot massage is always welcomed. Thankfully I do not have to leave my house to get some relax time as Panasonic has the Leg Air Massager to knead the stress away.

Step 1
The massager is a quite a big device so before putting it on, find yourself a comfortable spot because it is pretty hard to walk in once the device is strapped. Make sure to identify you are wearing the right massager for the right leg based the straps.

Step 2
I wanted some more strength so I added extra pads on the soles and shins which you can insert in the pockets before strapping yourself.

Step 3
Strap yourself securely once you have both massagers on and plug the wires into the controller. Now feel free to choose between the types of massages though it will take a minute or two after you turned it for the massager to get ready.

Step 4
The types of actions that the massager does can be from squeezing to kneading and it also has a feature where it warms your toes. Choose your pressure strength wisely because the device does pack a punch.

Aishah is using:
Panasonic Leg Air Massager  EW-RAJ6-P422

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