The Malay settlement turned coppersmith street is now a cultural mecca and recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 88 Armenian pays such tribute to its colourful history.

Rodin, Bartholdi, Dunand, Mackenzie, Pearson and Revere are the six luxurious rooms in 88 Armenian. They are also the names of the world’s six most distinguished coppersmiths. 

The legacy continues in this heritage boutique hotel, built on “Pak Than_g-Ah Kay” which the Chinese recognised as “Coppersmith’s Street” in Hokkien. Copper and brass industry flourished on this street in the mid-19th century but the residence of Armenian traders here made the lasting address. 

The Last Hotel

This part in George Town is inscribed on the World Heritage List. To preserve a place that is considered to have special cultural or historical importance to everyone, the state government has dictated that no more approvals will be given to hotel developments in the area. 

Founder of 88 Armenian, Dr Angeline Yong

That said, 88 Armenian would be last and latest hotel to gain such significance and value within a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Owner and founder Dr. Angeline Yong is happy to share her vision for her third hotel in a UNESCO heritage town.

“When you step into 88 Armenian you are still very much in George Town. Meticulously restored in line with heritage standards, and utilising only appropriate heritage council approved materials and methods, this project has truly been a labour of love on our part, with the entire process from background research, council approvals and finally painstaking restoration taking more than 5 years”. 

Copper-made Luxury

88 Armenian will bring you into a different world of the heritage town. Within the Straits exterior of the shophouse, the restored building radiates with modern style and sophistication.

Greeted with wooden flooring and mirrored stairwell, the accent wall serves a gentle remembrance of the building’s original identity through the exposed masculine brick wall while the prominent copper features and finishes add to the former glory of Pak Thang-Ah Kay.

The minimalist rooms are splashed in muted palette with a synonymous balance of wood finishing and copper trimmings. Indulgence guaranteed, the natural stone bathtub and Italian spa shower in the airy bathroom puts me in awe of having a supreme spa in a private room. 

Copper Bar and Restaurant

All About Service

As the hotel drips with history detailing, Copper Bar and Restaurant complements the modern interpretation of the Straits settlement with bold innovation of the Malaysian cuisine and exciting craft cocktails. They are also one of the unique bars in Penang that serves non-alcoholic “wine” and drinks as choice.

Apart from the many surprise elements in 88 Armenian, the stark distinction is the absence of reception desk in the hotel. Dr. Yong prizes on having personal touch with her hotel guests. To enable a smooth check-in, guests verification are done during airport transfer and other means. 

The luxury boutique hotel room rates per night starts at RM750. 88 Armenian are accepting early reservations and will be officially open for business on 18 May 2019. Bookings and further enquiries can be made to 

88 Armenian
88, Lebuh Armenian, George Town, Penang  |  +604-2637125

Text by Jessy Wong

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