Travelling does take a toll on you so don’t blame the world dull just because you couldn’t see correctly. After all, we need our eyes to see in order to feel it in our hearts. Here, Dr Chong Kheng Yaw, ophthalmology specialist from Pantai Hospital Cheras shares 7 basic eye care steps for healthier, clearer vision. 

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1. Shop for eye drops 

Use eye drops or tear drops during long flights in airplane to prevent dry eyes. It is advisable for contact lens users to use it at all time and make sure it is preservative free for long-term eye drops user.

2. Cleanse your lens

For people who wear contact lenses, reduce the chance of eye fatigue and infection by using daily disposable lenses when you travel to maximize cleanliness for your eyes.

3. Shield against the sun

Before you work on that tan, always protect your eyes from with the right type of sunglasses to protect it from direct UV rays.  

4. Exercise your eyes

You don’t have to go to the gym for this. Practice the 20-20-20 rule for people who are often fixated on computer or phone screen to avoid Computer Vision Syndrome. For every 20 minutes, blink 20 times looking at something 20 feet away regularly to improve your vision.

5. Reap what you eat

Travel foods can be tempting but remember to eat colourful vegetables when you can.

6. Urban eye allergy syndrome

Frequent itching, redness, swollen eyes or eyelids might be symptoms of ocular allergy for people living in cities caused by air pollutants. Therefore, everyone should consult an eye doctor for tests for at least once in their lifetime. 

7. Have a good night’s sleep

Many forget that the overall body health is equivalent to eyes health. Make sure you get a good rest while you travel. Also, getting enough sleep can prevent possible eye infection.

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