Set aside the sky-grazing buildings and the bustling bargaining markets as we take a look at a more relaxed part of Hong Kong. Hiking boots are on the ready!

Lamma Island

It is hard to believe that Lamma Island off the coast of Hong Kong has absolutely no cars when the main city is bustling with four-wheeled vehicles and fast trains. I guess it’s the appeal of the place, a sort of calmer oasis from the metropolis.

The short ferry ride from Central Pier 4 or Aberdeen is a beautiful journey to enjoy the harbour activity as the vessel takes you to the main villages of Lamma Island, Yung Shue Wan or Sok Kwu Wan.

Lamma Island_2

Yung Shue Wan is home to the popular family trail where hikers can take a light 4km stroll to see the hidden wonders of the island that include a pavilion with panoramic viewpoints of the coastline and Mount Stenhouse. You will also pass a scenic cove that lies Lo So Shing beach for that quick sunbathe.

After all that hiking, Sok Kwu Wan waterfront will regale you with some of the best seafood in Hong Kong thanks to its neighbouring fishing villages. Try Fu Kee Seafood or Rainbow Seafood Restaurant to get a scrumptious fix of lobster and prawns.

Lamma Island_Tin Hau Temple_3


Sai Kung

The New Territories of Hong Kong features quaint seaside towns like Sai Kung that offer a host of activities for nature lovers. Sai Kung’s Volcanic Region are 140 million years in the making with oddly sharp protruding rocks that you have to see to believe.

The hiking does not stop at Lamma Island as trekkers can take the Tai Long Wan hiking trail that leads to the stunning beach gems like Tai Wan beach where you can get your surf on. Yes, one can surf in Hong Kong.

Long Ke Wan Beach_1 copy

Further down the Tai Long Wan trail are the Sheung Luk Streams for daredevils that thrive on the adrenaline of cliff-jumping. It will extend the hiking by an addition hour or two but is a must see place during the summer.

If you are not much of a hiker but still want to experience the secluded beaches, try Long Ke Wan beach where you can reach via MTR and then taxi ride.

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