Being one with nature and admiring its beauty is a philosophy for any adventurer and Pahang is a place of diverse environment that should be on every nature lover’s bucket list.

Cave Exploration

The untouched nature of Pahang includes dark yet intriguing caves that have yielded findings of human remains dating back 1500 years and wall carvings left by these earlier inhabitants. Some caves have been converted into show caves where walkways and lightings are built for a comfortable visit but if you want to walk on the wild side, find an experienced tour guide to take you into the undiscovered depths of untouched caves. Notes that to reach some of these non-commercial caves, climbing to higher heights is part of the journey. But that should not be a problem for adventurers.

The most commercial cave is the Kota Gelanggi cave complex that features some 100 caves of various depths and sizes. For first timers, 8 caves are open to the public which includes Terang Bulan Cave, Penyu Cave and Sanding Cave. If you book accommodations at Felda Residence Tekam, the resort provides guided tours for their guest.


Trekking to the Waterfalls

When there are forest and caves, there is bound to be a stream that leads to a vast and sometimes tall waterfall. Some of these waterfalls are pretty deep in the forest so after all that trekking, a nice soak in nature’s very own water jet of a waterfall is icing on the cake. Thankfully there are many waterfalls in Pahang to choose from with popular ones being Chamang, Thompson, Sungai Pandan and Rainbow waterfall.


Chamang waterfall has an interesting structure as it is a descending bed of rocks with water flowing down so there is plenty of flat surfaces to lie down on and feel the currents. It is a picnic and barbeque hotspot for locals and tourist. Real adventurers that do not mind getting down and dirty can take the trip to Rainbow waterfall where one needs to drive through muddy and rocky terrain with the addition of a 45-minute trek to get there. All of this for a chance to witness a rainbow by the waterfall, hence the name Rainbow waterfall.



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