Look out, Malaysians. We have heard plenty about local writers, bloggers and entrepreneurs but not much about our freelance watercolour artists. For more personal touch and unique gift designs, find these creative artists to earn the extra brownie points whether in creating the perfect invitation or wishing card for your event. Some even organize workshops for newbies to learn the craft of happiness.

Instagram Image from @byjoeecheong

Joee Cheong

You can tell her love for potted plants through her beautiful artwork of the same recurring theme. Joee mostly draws floral designs and small cactuses in her collection of watercolour work as well as calligraphy. She even collaborated with Premio Stationary last year in producing Christmas wrappers from her painting.

Instagram Image from @wkndiminlove

Weekend I’m In Love

Inspired by the song ‘Friday I’m in Love’, Suriati Jaafar, preferably known as Atie J has named her shop accordingly as her businesses are mostly held on weekends. Dabbling more than just workshops, Atie J who is also an art lecturer has been in the industry since 2012 making designs/logo for events and parties.

Instagram Image from @paperblobs


If you love garlands and flowers, Paperblobs is one of the account you should follow on Instagram. Watercolour artist Agnes Kwan makes a living with her hobby as a co-founder of The Write Partner with her friend Ai Ling offering design services, curated invitation cards and art classes for enthusiasts.

Instagram Image from @gwenxart

Gwendoline Chan

As a graduate of Limkokwing University, Gwendoline is more than well-versed as an artist from Ipoh, Malaysia. Besides mostly drawing nature-inspired subjects, Gwendoline is also a good practitioner of calligraphy by her various motivational artworks and wishing card projects. You can see more of her colourful works on Instagram.

Instagram Image from @whimsicaloutpost


Creator Naomi, also known as Yi Ying, is best when she picks up her calligraphy pen as you can see a variety of different techniques from her dedication to architect the creative lettering in her works. After painting a background picture, a motivational quote will be crafted on her artwork.

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