This rather unique mix that may bring you amenities of a big city while keeping the small town atmosphere should put Kuching, Malaysia right on top of your travel wish list.  Because Kuching isn’t really on the mainland of peninsular Malaysia, many people might mistakenly write it off because of the extra step which they needed in order to get there, but trust us when we say that it is total 100% worth of your trip.  You can expect smaller, sunny skies, and many hidden gems which are only a few of the many reasons why Kuching is still an underrated escape:


From the laid back lounges up to those late night clubs, Kuching wins hand down with its nightlife scene just to fit your partying needs. It is advised that you start your night out with a slow stroll along the Kuching River, and then join the locals at Piccadilly Pub to watch a football/soccer game and get your pre-game on.


There is definitely no shortage of attractions whether it is in or around Kuching.  You can consider a day trip to the island Bako National Park, Kubah National Park and the Fairy Caves if you are the type that enjoy nature.  However If you are the type that want an active escape from the city, try to check out Mount Santubong (consider camping on top to enjoy the scenic sunrise for the full experience) or try kayaking sports with Semadang Kayak.


From budget to extravagant and basic to over the top, you can just choose where to sleep according to your budget. Depends on where you prefer to stay, the staff can help you to arrange day trips, suggest suitable itineraries, and recommend great restaurants, so you may pick their brains to get the most out of your stay.  If you are seeking for cheap place to stay, try a guesthouse or bed and breakfast.


With markets galore and malls all around Kuching these days, you can expect very interesting shopping experience right here in Kuching. For all your craft, art, and souvenir needs, head to the Main Bazaar on Kuching’s waterfront where your haggling skills will be put on test in order to get the best deals around.  The Main Bazaar consists of rows upon rows of shop houses that are packed from floor to ceiling with attractive merchandise.


Thanks to the countless cultural influences contributing to Kuching now we have a melting pot of different cultures and you can expect traditional, fresh, local ingredients, the thriving food scene in Kuching which will have you coming back here for more.  There are also plenty of affordable options that you may try just by siting in your room while ordering around.

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