It was once being deemed as “illegal” because it is often signified as vandalism. And as known by everyone, vandalism is usually being practiced by rebels. However, in the recent years, “vandalism” has increasingly becoming more acceptable as graffiti has slowly made its way to becoming another form of creative expression. Hence, the term of “street art” finally comes alive. Believe it or not, Malaysia is gradually becoming a home to some of the best street arts you will ever find.


For a very long time now, the island up North in West Malaysia is very well known as a gastronome’s heaven. But in 2012, Penang started in becoming famous for its priceless street art, adding another reason why the island is now a popular tourist attraction. Georgetown, especially, has already become a hub for official sweet street art spots.


This place comes second to Penang for the varieties of food and a staple arrival of visitors, Malacca’s “star street” Jonker Walk may have already attracts crowds of tourists on a weekly basis. Adding on to Malacca’s colors is a spurt of street art that which anyone who has been to Malacca would find them impossible to ignore.

  1. IPOH

So much has changed in Ipoh for over the recent years and it has ever since become more than just a place with limestone caves and white coffee. Sure, it’s rather historical aspect of being an old mining town and its eclectic shop houses still might give it some characters, but now there’s also electrifying street art to boot! Ernest Zacharevic, the same young Lithuanian artist who worked on the Georgetown pieces, found his way to Ipoh old town!


Let’s just not forget to highlight the artistic wonders that Malaysia’s main city holds. There’s just so much to say about the amount of street art that you can spot in and around our city! As KL-ites, murals/graffiti/street art often left ignored not because they’re not appreciated but maybe because they’re the kind that are thought to be just “always there”.


All the way from Penang to Ipoh, to Kuala Lumpur and even all the way down to Johor Bahru, Ernest Zacharevic is definitely on a Malaysian street art domination streak this time! In 2012, Johor Bahru has officially become home to LEGOLAND Malaysia, Malaysia’s very first international theme park. Also it was Asia’s first LEGOLAND. As such, Ernest also went to town with the controversial LEGO-themed street art!

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