Ever wondered, how can one afford to travel so frequently in a year? Putting wealth aside, there are more middle and low-income individuals that are traversing the world by paying so little!

Here, you can learn ways to efficiently manage your budget for travel. Beringer Vineyards collaborated with Levy Li, an expert wanderluster, to share some money-saving tips while planning for your next holiday.

1. Always plan out your trip expectations

Be realistic! Don’t be tempted by travel Instagrammers from their luxurious staycations, instead, find out what type of experience are you seeking from your trip. Be it outdoor excursions, cultural appreciation or a backpacking trip, establishing your expectations ahead can help you plan better for your itinerary and budget.

2. Outlining your budget

Financial planning is vital for every trip for you to estimate a rough budget for your travel expenses. Using that, allocate wisely on flight tickets, accommodation and other basic necessities needed for travelling. Booking these in advance can save you from 30 to 50 percent off it’s original prices.

3. Grabbing deals!

If you already have a place in mind, keep on constant track with airline deals and hotel promotions. Most often than not, there are always deals when you are able to plan ahead and be flexible on when to go.

4. Low Season, Low Cost

Know your destination! All popular travel spots have its own highs and lows seasons. During the low periods, airlines, hotels and travel companies more often than not will offer deals and freebies to draw in more customers.

Besides the financial perks, travelling during low-season is also great as public places and tourist spots will be less crowded for your adventure!

Text by Jessy Wong


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